November 1st is a special day set aside to honor those talented folks that have a way with words, authors. National Authors Day has been around since the late 1920's and is a day to celebrate those authors that have made an impact in your life.

The talent pool in the Cowboy State is overflowing, especially with authors. Not only have there been many books written by Wyoming authors, but some of those book series' have been turned into T.V. and streaming shows and brought to life by high energy characters.

If you were to Google, 'Authors from Wyoming', you're going to be pretty surprised with the number of names that come up on your screen.

Authors from Wyoming

You may be familiar with some of those names and pictures, and some you may not have known were from Wyoming. Either way, it's a great research opportunity for you to explore and learn about as we celebrate Wyoming's talented authors today.

The three I'm going to highlight, maybe ones you're already familiar with, but their work is highly recommended to check out.

The first Wyoming author, of the three, is Craig Johnson,

New York Times bestselling author of the Longmire series. Craig calls Ucross, WY home and was part of the Longmire series hitting TV and giving fans an annual opportunity to celebrate the series at Longmire Days in Buffalo.

Craig Johnson Longmire

Next up is Casper, WY native  C.J. Box.

The New York Times Bestselling author of the Joe Pickett and Cody Hoyt/ Cassie Dewell series, C.J. Box is a true Wyomingite, working on the ranch, serving on the board of Cheyenne Frontier Days and Wyoming Office of Tourism board. Two TV series have been based off of C.J.'s books, Big Sky and Joe Pickett.


Our third featured Wyoming author is Casey Rislov.

The Casper, WY born and raised children's author of the Rowdy Randy book series and number of other children's books, has brought Wyoming's natural beauty and wildlife front and center. She's written a number of award winning books, this educator has been involved with teaching children for decades and it shows.

Casey Rislov Rowdy Randy

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