****UPDATE - Power has been restored 5:11am

No, you didn't forget to pay the power bill, parts of Casper is beginning the day in the dark. A power outage was reported by customers at 2:53am.

Rocky Mountain Power says 4 power outages around the Casper area is effecting nearly 8,000 people in south Casper, east of the Muni Golf Course and some are affected as far east as Glenrock.

No cause of the outage at this time, but RMP says power should be restored by 7:30am.

Casper Outage 2

With the power being out, that means internet and cable services are also out. Spectrum says on their app, that services should resume around 5:30am.

Out Spectrum

Must Have Items You Need In A Power Outage

If you lose power during a storm make sure you are prepared.

Downtown Casper at Night During a Power Outage

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