When restaurants close, people always seem surprised and wonder why.

Both Hardee's locations in Casper have been closed for a few weeks now and honestly, most people that I've talked to aren't that surprised.

When you're looking for somewhere to eat for lunch or dinner in Casper, you're going to be waiting in line for most places. One place you knew there wouldn't be a wait was Hardee's. The parking lots, at either location, always had plenty of spaces available and I think people were more surprised that they were still open when they drove by them.

Growing up in a small town, we only had a few options for restaurants and fast food was the majority of what we had to choose from. McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Taco Bell and Hardee's all did pretty well in our town.

When I was in high school, of those choices, Hardee's was my favorite. Back then we could drive thru at lunch and get a $.99 double cheeseburger and $1 French Fries for a total of $3.18. Heck, for a short 3 weeks, I even worked at that particular Hardee's while in college.

In my opinion, when Hardee's changed to the "Charbroiled Thickburger", the chain went downhill.

You could no longer get the perfect meal for $3.18, it was now $6 for the burger alone. My love of Hardee's was gone and after that, I would rarely visit and it went from my top choice to the last choice. It seems to me that others around the country felt the same way.

In an article published on Restaurant Business Online, the details have been released that huge Hardee's Franchisee, Summit Restaurant Holdings, has filed for bankruptcy and closed 39 stores. Two of those stores were right here in Casper.

Let's hope both of the Casper buildings get turned into something useful. Like maybe one of these chains???

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