The song goes...

The world needs more cowboys

The Gaslight Social is doing their part to make that happen.

Saturday, February 24th, Wyoming Cowboy, Chancey Williams is coming back to Casper.

It's always a fun time when Chancey comes to town and you won't want to miss out on this cool opportunity at The Gaslight Social. Tickets are $25 and on-sale now.

If you haven't heard, there have been some changes happening at The Gaslight.

One of those changes is the addition of Carrie DePaemelere.

We are pleased to announce a change in our leadership. Co-owners Pete Maxwell and Richie Bratton have decided to step back from the operational aspects of The Gaslight Social, welcoming Carrie DePaemelere in their stead. DePaemelere is a seasoned veteran in the hospitality industry with over 20 years of experience at the Beacon, and will be joining the team as our new General Manager
Next, we have made a strategic decision to remove most of our games to expand our indoor concert space. This renovation is designed to accommodate a larger number of guests and offer a more immersive and intimate concert experience. Our commitment to live music and performances is unwavering, and this change will allow us to host a broader range of artists and shows.


Bohemian Burrito, nestled within the lively atmosphere of Gaslight Social, presents a fresh and vibrant culinary adventure, perfectly aligning with the dynamic spirit of its host venue. This unique eatery specializes in crafting fast-casual yet exquisitely flavorful burritos, bowls, and tacos, offering a diverse array of choices to satisfy every palate.


We invite you to join us at The Gaslight to experience these fantastic changes first-hand and to be part of our vibrant community of music and entertainment enthusiasts. For more information and upcoming events, please visit our website, download The Gaslight Social mobile app, or follow us on social media.

Another thing that has changed is the ages for that are able to attend concerts.

Starting Jan 11, 2024 The Gaslight Social will have the following age restrictions:

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