In the mid-2000's my dad went on vacation to Montana and bought me a 6-pack of assorted beer from the Big Sky Brewing Company. One of those beers was Moose Drool brown ale. From that moment on, Moose Drool has been my all-time favorite beer.

I've lived in different parts of the country since then and was able to get Moose Drool while living in Iowa, when visiting South Dakota, Wyoming & Montana and of course now living in Wyoming, it's readily available at multiple locations. There's a pretty good chance you can find this brown nectar in my refrigerator if you were to inspect it.

You will also never find my kitchen without a container full of coffee.

If you've driven around Casper at all, you'll know that coffee is a hot item around town. Multiple coffee shops, and even multiple coffees are roasted right here. No doubt that we have lots of great local coffee and everyone has their favorites.

Many times, when people find a coffee they like, they don't want a different brand, roast or flavor. If you walk into any grocery store, you'll find one whole isle that is dedicated to coffee.

Why? The answer to that question is easy.

A study done by Drive Research shows that 3 in 4 American's (74%) drinks coffee every day and 1/2 of those people drink up to 5 cups of coffee per day, contributing to the 2.5 BILLION cups of coffee drank on a daily basis.

Coffee is the kickstart that lots of us need to get the day rolling.

I've found that in my years of drinking coffee, I can always rely on Folgers to help me get started. So I always have an extra Folgers can in the house, God knows you don't want to catch me on a 'no coffee' morning.

Sometimes though, I like to change it up. Find a coffee to try that will give me a break from Folgers, so I don't burn out and continue to enjoy it.

Folgers may have competition in my kitchen now.

Walking through the Natural Grocers on 2nd St in Casper, I turned the corner into the coffee isle and nearly took out two other shoppers when I saw this...

My favorite beer brand, also has a coffee flavor.

Moose Drool Coffee Brand

Moose Drool coffee is roasted by Hunter Bay, a coffee company founded in Missoula, MT which also happens to be where the Big Sky Brewing Co. and my beloved Moose Drool is located.

From the Hunter Bay website, they describe this greatness.

Developed in cooperation with Big Sky Brewing, Hunter Bay’s Moose Drool is a pleasing combination of opposites — a dark roast coffee with a smooth, mild aftertaste; rich, thick and stout but also naturally sweet with a hint of brown sugar, caramel and spice; suitable to drink everyday with breakfast and to serve alongside a rich dessert after dinner.
The brew masters at Big Sky Brewing enjoy a strong cup of dark roast coffee as they begin their work day brewing Moose Drool Ale, and the coffee we developed for them quickly became one of our most popular blends. Hunter Bay’s Moose Drool is naturally sweet with a long, extra-smooth aftertaste, a coffee that is wonderful served black or with a touch of sugar and cream.


Moose Drool coffee from Hunter Bay. You can’t forget the unique name and you won’t forget the unique flavor of this mellow dark roast coffee.

Waking up today was much easier, knowing there was something new brewing. I was so excited to leap out of bed and try my NEW favorite. All-the-while knowing that I could be let down and the coffee wouldn't be as good as I expected....

Luckily, that's not the case.

100% satisfied and happy I stepped into a store I rarely visit, to find something I didn't even know I needed...Moose Drool Coffee.

Moose Drool may end up being like a wife for me. Spend the evening with it (beer) and wake up with it (coffee).

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