On December 30, Sandra Bullock honored her late boyfriend, Bryan Randall, by spreading his ashes on the serene waters of the Snake River in Northern Wyoming, near Jackson Hole.

The occasion marked what would have been Randall's 58th birthday. Randall, a model-turned-photographer, met Sandra Bullock while working at the birthday of the actress' son Louis in 2015, reports Today.com. The two began dating shortly thereafter but never married. Bullock called Randall "the love of her life" during an interview on Red Table Talk but said during the discussion that she did not feel a marriage certificate was required to "be a devoted partner." The couple had lived together in Jackson, Wyoming, on an estate owned by Bullock.

In 2020, Randall was diagnosed with a rare disorder, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, generally known as ALS or Lou Ghering disease, after the famous baseball player was diagnosed with the disorder. ALS progressively affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord (Mayo Clinic), causing the body's corresponding muscles to weaken over time, eventually damaging the muscles of the body responsible for breathing, moving, and eating beyond repair. Randall chose to keep the illness quiet until his passing.

In a joint statement, Randall's family said he passed away peacefully on August 5, 2023 (People Magazine).

Sandra Bullock Honors Late-Boyfriend Bryan Randall; Releases Ashes on the Snake River

December 30 dawned clear and sunny in Jackson, Wyoming. Sandra Bullock made her way to a special spot on the Snake River that her late-boyfriend loved. There, she released Randall's ashes onto the river. According to Bullock's sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, the ceremony fulfilled a promise to Randall. In a social media post, Bullock-Prado said, "Happy birthday, Bry. Sandy brought you to the river just as she promised."

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