Casper police officers arrested two people early Thursday on drug and child endangerment charges, as well as one person on a probation hold, after a welfare check for an infant led officers to find drug paraphernalia in a home that was in "deplorable condition and unfit for any children."

Michael William Widick was booked into jail on recommended charges of meth possession, marijuana possession and child endangerment with meth.

Ashley Victoria Cady, 28, was booked on recommended charges of felony abandoning or endangering children, felony endangering children with controlled substances and possession of methamphetamine.

Trevor Moore, 24, was booked on a probation hold.

According to charging documents, officers responded to 1155 N. Center shortly after 2:30 a.m. Thursday to conduct a welfare check on a three-month-old infant. Officers were advised that Cady and the infant were at the residence where methamphetamine was present.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services was had become concerned for the child's safety because Cady previously had two children taken away for drug-related charges, and Cady was known to associate with known drug users.

Officers conducted a safety sweep of the residence and found a marijuana bond in plain view in Widdick's bedroom.

Police noted the home was in "a deplorable condition which was unfit for any children." Officers found "dirty clothes, trash, rotten food and animal feces/urine in the residence."

The infant was taken into protective custody. Cady was arrested. Inside Cady's purse, an officer found a straw containing methamphetamine residue.

Widdick was seen throwing something out of a window. Officers found a meth pipe on the ground beneath the window. Widdick was arrested.

A safety sweep of the residence led officers to find Moore, who was crouched down in the corner of a room in the basement. He was arrested.

A search of the apartment revealed a "plethora" of marijuana and methamphetamine paraphernalia including syringes, baggies and pipes. Most of it was located in Widdick's bedroom.

Metro Animal Control responded to collect three dogs and two ferrets from the residence.

Cady was found to have previously been convicted of a drug-related charge and prior child endangerment.

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