A Sweetwater County woman charged with identity theft will now have a trial in District Court. Charge bound over to District Court:

According to a release from the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, Circuit Court Judge Dan Forgey found sufficient cause to bind over the case against 30-year-old Chiaretta Johnson on Monday.

Prosecutors allege that Johnson took out a credit card in her sister's name. Court documents say that Johnson's sister, who lives in California, told the Sweetwater Sheriff's Office that she suspected her sister may be behind a fraudulent card opened in her name.

The sheriff's office began the investigation in June of last year and reportedly did find accounts tying Johnson to the stolen identity.

Johnson is charged with unauthorized use of personal identifying information, which is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a 10,000 dollar fine, or both.

Sweetwater County Sheriff Rich Haskell said his office will continue its investigation.

From the K2 Radio News Center, I'm Daniel Sandoval

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