Wyoming's ranking senator congratulated the U.S. House for passing a budget Wednesday. A release from the office of U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi said one of the important things about the House budget is that it eliminates the accounting tricks used to make legislation seem more fiscally sound.

Honest Budget bill:

"Now we're here today to demand a budget, but also to ask for one that's honest. It shouldn’t take an accountant to tell you when you’re fudging on the numbers, but it does."

Sen. Enzi offered some examples of the chicanery with the numbers.

Deceptive numbers:

"We steal from trust funds; we take money that'll come in over a 10-year period and say we pretend like we got it over a two-year period and fund some new programs, no eliminate debt that we’ve got, not make the United States more responsible, more respected, more in a position where they continue to be the strongest country in the world. And that's a problem we've got to solve."