The Casper Horseheads collegiate baseball team remains optimistic that they will have a season and are shooting for the first week of July to begin Expedition League play. If that is in fact the starting time line, the Horseheads will have 23 home games and the season would run through August 19th. One of the biggest logistical issues that the Expedition League has is health restrictions and procedures in four different states so coordinating that has been a challenge.

A firm schedule could be finalized by next week and players could start reporting to camp on June 20th. Casper is scheduled to host the Expedition League All Star game with a fan fest on July 20th at Lansing Field and the actual game on July 21st.

The Horseheads averaged over 700 fans per game last season with a season high 1830 on the 4th of July.

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Casper Horseheads Baseball
Casper Horseheads

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