Two of northwest Wyoming's most scenic areas will soon no longer be accessible by motor vehicle traffic.

The National Park Service has announced that U-S Highway 212 over the Beartooth Pass, as well as Dunraven Pass inside Yellowstone National Park, will close for the upcoming winter season on Tuesday, October 11th, although inclement weather could make it sooner.

Too much snow in the area, combined with too little traffic around this time of year, makes snow plowing efforts impractical.

The roads are usually cleared and reopened around Memorial Day.

The West, South and East entrances to Yellowstone National Park are scheduled to close on Monday, November 7th, and reopen in middle December for snowmobile traffic.

Other seasonal roads such as Wyoming State Highway 130 west of Centennial, Wyoming State Highway 70 between Encampment and Baggs, and U-S Highway 14A west of Burgess Junction, will close for the winter in the near future, usually by Thanksgiving and reopen around Memorial Day.