Internationally acclaimed author and National Geographic photojournalist Mark Jenkins will speak at Casper College this evening.

View into unseen world:


"He is, on a part-time basis, with the University of Wyoming giving some talks throughout the state and Casper is one of those places where he is coming to talk about 'Guns, Gorillas and Laptops: How We Are All Unwittingly Connected'.

Lisa Icenogle, editor and news coordinator for the college, says the presentation will look at the effects of a civil war on the mountain gorilla.

Battle surrounds paradise:


"And he is going to take the audience into the world of one of the the most endangered species on Earth, Africa's mountain gorilla, in the war-torn country of Eastern Congo."

As for how a 20-year civil war and mountain gorillas are connected to laptop computers, Icenogle says people will have to attend to find that out.

Interconnected world:


"These issues are going to affect the everyday lives of people in the West, and that's kind of one of the interesting about this that you'll have to come to the talk to find out. No money, you'll just have to be here at 7 o'clock; that's in the Wold Physical Science Center, Wheeler Auditorium, room 103."

Although internationally acclaimed, Icenogle notes that Jenkins is a Wyoming native who lives in Laramie.

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