It's much the same with a different name, with many of the former favorite activities and a lot of new ones. The Wyoming Outdoor Expo is coming to the Casper Events Center May 17th through 19th.

The event used to be called the "Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo" and when it disappeared in 2012 due to budget concerns, a lot of folks weren't happy. "It was always something that meant a lot to the Department," says Janet Milek, Public Relations Specialist for Wyoming Game and Fish. "And we heard a lot from people over the years that they were pretty sad that it was gone."

The information gathered during the Department's Strategic Planning Process backed that up. "In that process we learned that people wanted these things back," says Milek.

The scope of the Expo has changed as well. "We're expanding somewhat," says organizer Matt Pollack with Game and Fish. "Whereas in the past we focused primarily on hunting and fishing, now we've broadened our scope to include all sorts of outdoor activities-- mountain biking, camping, orienteering, snowshoeing-- that are going to hit some other outdoor activities that may be outside of our transitional things that you would have seen at the Expo before."

One aspect that remains the same will be the education component. Busloads of students will be coming during school hours to take advantage of what the Expo has to offer. "They get to come out and have lots of educational activities," says Milek, "and not just the skills, but also the science behind things."

Wyoming Outdoor Expo:

  • May 17th-19th, 2018, at the Casper Events Center
  • 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. all three days
  • Event and activities are free and open to the Public

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