A former candidate for Natrona County Commission claims the commissioners acted illegally during a a vote last summer.

Paul O. Paad, who ran in the Republican primary in August, filed a lawsuit against the county in January and wants district court to declare that a July 15 vote on zoning change violated the county's own rules and should  be rescinded and annulled.

The decision occurred after a rare re-hearing of a previous vote.

On June 3, the commission heard a request from Keith Tyler and his F.T. Investments LLC and land owner Vernon and Gloria Boyce Living Trust to change the zoning from Urban Mixed Residential to Light Industrial on 30 acres at 2744 Salt Creek Highway.

But many neighbors objected, saying the area was intended to be residential and too much industry was ruining its rural character.

Commissioners Rob Hendry, former commissioner Terry Wingerter and Matt Keating voted down the request. Forrest Chadwick voted for it, and then-commission Chairman Bill McDowell did not vote.
But a month later, Keating brought the issue back saying "new evidence" warranted a reconsideration of the previous vote. Otherwise, the developer would have needed to wait a year to refile the application.


Some who objected to the re-hearing said what was presented wasn’t new at all, and wanted the commission to either table the issue or wait a year.
But the commissioners voted unanimously to reverse their decision.


Paad attended many subsequent meetings to bring up the subject again during public comments.
New commission Chairman Chadwick repeatedly told Paad the commissioners acted properly and said the subject was closed.


On Jan. 20, Paad filed the suit. He does not have an attorney.
Paad does not have a listed phone number and could not be reached for comment.
Natrona County Attorney Bill Knight said Monday the county would be filing a response soon.