According to the folks at Accuweather, the Rocky Mountain region is in for a cold and snowy fall.

In their latest predictions Accuweather is calling for a wide variety of weather conditions across the United States with the coldest and wettest weather saved for the mountain states.

While it's not uncommon for this area of the country to receive snowfall in the fall, areas from Bismarck, North Dakota, to Miles City, Montana, will be more vulnerable this fall to an increased number of snowstorms.
Aside from the snow, temperatures are expected to be near or below normal for most of the region with some parts of the southern Rockies experiencing temperatures 2 to 4 F below normal.
As the cold grips areas from the Colorado Rockies to the Sierra, the cold may even expand southward into the central Plains and portions of the Midwest, including Chicago and Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin.
While the cold and snowy weather will create ideal early-season conditions for ski resorts and avid winter athletes in the eastern Rockies, Colorado, those in the western Rockies, the Sierra, will not be as lucky.

It also appears that we will be talking about the polar vortex and a dry west through the fall as well. See the rest of the latest Accuweather forecast by hitting the button.

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