According to the unofficial results released by the Wyoming Secretary of State's office, incumbent Mark Gordon has won the Republican primary for Wyoming governor.

Gordon said of his likely victory:

"It's a nice feeling, a humbling feeling, we want to make sure that all results are in, but it does feel pretty good," Gordon said. "We've had a tough race and I have the utmost respect for the other candidates that were in this race. I think they brought a lot to the table and certainly want to compliment them on that. But it is really nice to have the confidence and really that majority so far of voters that feel strongly that our message of diversifying the economy, dependence on a free enterprise system, personal responsibility, liberty, and having the best schools that we can possibly have. That those messages resonate and that people appreciated the leadership style that I think Jennie and I brought to the office."

Gordon said he has not yet heard from either Brent Bein or Rex Rammell.

Current Results:

Mark Gordon: 58,801 - 64.8%
Brent Bien: 24,142 - 26.6%
Rex Rammell: 4,904 - 5.4%
James Scott Quick: 2,542 - 2.8%

People at the Polls

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