A national economist sized up economic growth across the country to an audience in Casper Thursday. Ken Goldstein, from the Conference Board in New York was keynote speaker at the "Outlook 2011; Wyoming Economic Indicators" breakfast. He talked of slow but steady growth.

The event, hosted by the Wyoming Business Alliance since 1996, is meant to keep business, industry and government in Wyoming in touch with trends and conditions across the country but also the state.

Bill Schilling is Wyoming Business Alliance President.

"In Wyoming it isn't really want one economy. It's different areas of the state, geographically basically,  that have different local economies. So when we first started the Economic Outlook Forums we had them in Casper.  But Casper just represents a portion of the state of Wyoming's economy and Casper's economic drivers are different than, say, the drivers in Cheyenne, or in Cody, or in Evanston. So for that reason we moved from just having one in Casper to this year will be having nine around state."

A panel discussion on Casper's business perspective wrapped up the morning. Additional forums are planned for later in the month in Worland, Cody, Sheridan, and Gillette.