Discount Remedies, located in Downtown Casper, strives to help people in a variety of ways. Their website states that they are "all about providing you and your family with quality natural products at discount prices. Our main focus is to provide you quality natural remedies at affordable prices so that you can live a happier and healthier lifestyle, the natural remedies way.'

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The family-owned business has been around for years, offering brain, bone, liver, and joint supplements, green foods, herbal teas, magnetic therapy, detox and cleansing remedies, antioxidants, kratom capsules and powders, and so much more.

Michael Engberg, the owner of Discount Remedies, as well as his wife Starla, enjoy helping people. They also enjoy developing relationships with people. When a customer goes into the store, both Michael and Starla are quick to offer suggestions, or just chat about the weather or recent goings-on in Downtown Casper. They care about people.

Which is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that the store recently posted a sign on the window saying that everyone is welcome in their establishment.

"We do not discriminate against ANY customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated," the sign reads. "All customers who wish to patronize are welcome in our establishment."

Engberg stated that a local creator came by Discount Remedies with these signs and he was quick to take a few.

"I'm all about it," he said. "The time's done to be discriminated against. It's time to unite. It's tome to be done. Just having that [argument] about, 'Well, you're vaxxed and you're not.' I've had family do that, and it drives a spike through the family. We used to be about, 'Don't talk religion, don't talk politics.' Now it's, 'Don't talk about the vax shot.'"

Engberg said that it's not just the battle between vaccinated or unvaccinated, either. He said that he doesn't discriminate anybody for any reason.

"I don't stand to put a wedge between gender, I don't discriminate against anybody," he stated. "If you want to shop here, you're welcome. It's not for me to judge. It's for God to be the judge, not me. I'm just here in my journey doing what I'm to be doing, and that's taking care of people. That's what we're all here to do, isn't it? Help one another get through the journey."

Engberg's own journey, along with the journey of his wife, took a sharp turn last month when Starla was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. She had to be put on oxygen and, in the simplest terms, it was a long month.

It also led to some interesting thoughts from Engberg about the medical industry itself.

"It made me more aware of what the medical industry is, what big pharma is; the tyranny of it all," he stated. "I think that the word COVID is loosely thrown around. Do I think you can get sick from it? Oh, very sick. Do I think you can die from it? Very much so. But it's the protocols that the hospitals are giving out that I feel are causing damage."

Engberg said that his wife was originally hospitalized at Wyoming Medical Center, and then transferred to the Memorial Hospital of Converse County in Douglas. He alleged that the hospital, up until last week, was utilizing Ivermectin.

"Douglas was one [hospital] that was still giving Ivermectin up until last week," he said. "They're no longer giving [it]. Why? It works. If people want to take that chance for themselves and say, 'I want to take a horse de-wormer,' then why can't it be taken? Why has it come to where the doctor-patient relationship is gone? It's just the protocol that's being handed down by the CDC or the NIH or the WHO. And it's being handed down to these hospitals and saying, 'This is it,' by the CEO's and by the Chief Financial Officers saying, 'This is where we're going, this is what's happening, and you have no other choice.'"

He continued, stating that, "It's all business. That's what it really comes to. And it's sad, because we've quit taking care of people and it's become about business. It's become about greed."

And that is why Engberg opted to hang the sign up in his business. He doesn't want to contribute to perceived corporate greed. He doesn't want corporate billionaires to have a say in his business, or his relationships. He just wants people to get along, to be healthy and, most importantly, to be happy.

"Let's quit discriminating," he said. "If you want to wear a mask, great. I'm not going to say anything one way or another. If that's your gender, I'm not going to say one thing or another. That's what you choose. I'll still be your friend and I'll still love you because that's what we're here for."

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