Wyoming News Service

The EPA wants to get the word out about an extension of a federal tax credits to help offset the cost of a new, more efficient wood stove.

The extension calls for a Tax Credit totalling 10% of the purchase price of any new wood or pellet burning appliance with a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75%.

And the agency is also offering tips on how to make sure your burning wood efficiently...

Alison Davis is with the E-P-A’s Office of Air Quality and Standards. She says it’s important to check wood for proper seasoning before burning it - wood needs to be kept dry for at least six months. A simple way to test if the wood is ready is to knock two pieces together.

"And if you hear kind of a hollow sound, that means it’s seasoned. And you want it to be really dry because if it’s dry, it’s going to burn hotter and so you’re not spending that heat to burn water out of the wood."

In addition to burning the right wood, Davis says you can save money by keeping your fire small and really hot. Also be sure to have stoves and other burning appliances serviced every year.

"If you keep your chimney clean, that provides a good draft for your wood burning appliance, so it pulls smoke out of the house, but it also reduces the risk of a chimney fire."

The tax credit on new efficient appliances could be an up to $300.00 credit per household.