Even though it seems like a lot more Cheyenne kids are running away from home these days, police say that's actually not the case.

Public Information Officer Alex Farkas says the department's active use of social media has raised some questions regarding the frequency of runaway juveniles.

"We have increased the use of social media because of its immediacy and effectiveness in reporting runaways and missing juveniles to the public and locating them quickly," Farkas told KGAB Radio.

"While this may make it appear that the rate of runaway juveniles has increased, the numbers have remained consistent annually," she added.

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Police say kids run away for complex reasons, including everything from abuse and family conflict to pregnancy and online enticement, and it is important to understand the definitions surrounding these issues.

If a child’s whereabouts are unknown, police recommend the following immediate steps:

  • Conduct a preliminary search for the child.
  • Contact law enforcement to report the child missing.
  • Call the child’s friends, school, relatives, or anyone else who may have information regarding his/her whereabouts.
  • Check places the child likes to spend time, including shopping centers, parks, athletic facilities, clubs, and neighborhoods.
  • Share the child’s picture on social media or pass out flyers with the child’s picture.


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