Following a lawsuit filed by Jett Williams and half-brother Hank Williams Jr in 2005 a lower court ruled that they, representing the estate of Hank Sr, had the sole rights to sell and promote his old recordings. This ruling resulted in Time-Life releasing Hank Williams:The Unreleased Recordings in 1988.  After some recordings surfaced at an auction house and technology caught up with some old acetate recordings, held by Jett Williams, another deal was struck to team these recordings with radio shows from the late 1940's to create Hank Williams:The Legend Begins. This 3 CD set starts us off with the very first recordings of a 15 yr old boy and progresses to the age of 17 ,where you hear a more mature Hank, to the Health and Happiness shows 9 years later and finishes the journey in 1951. Jett williams joined us this morning to talk about the music aquisition her relationship with Hank jr and more.

Here is a little Hank Sr for your viewing pleasure