A convicted sex offender from Michigan, who had moved to Rawlins, will be spending time behind bars, after he decided not to challenge accusation that he re-offended.

Thirty-one year old Darren Cornell was sentenced to five to six years in prison, after he entered an Alford plea to one charge of third degree sexual abuse of a minor.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say in April 2015, they were notified about a Facebook post, that Cornell had an unorthodox program, to train young girls in realistic scenarios, on how to thwart a rape attempt.

An undercover officer made contact with Cornell who outlined his teachings, and said he would not have pants on during the lessons and agreed to come to Casper.

He was taken into custody and police learned that he was using a Facebook page under a deceased friends' name, since sex offenders are not allowed to have Facebook pages.

Cornell stated his plan was to help law enforcement, because he believed he could make a difference and if successful, he was going to try to petition to have his name removed from the sex offender registry list.

He then later admitted that he was married, was looking for painful sexual encounters (he would receive the pain), and had no formal self defense training.

An Alford plea is not an admission of guilt, but acknowledges that prosecutors have enough evidence and/or testimony to get a guilty conviction from a jury, had the case gone to trial.