Casper police arrested a man and woman on Friday after the man reportedly called the police about a car he believed to have been stolen, leading officers to find methamphetamine and heroin.

Thomas Edward Marzano, 55, was booked into jail on recommended charges of meth and heroin possession.

Brittney Dorothea Huitt, 28, was arrested on a meth possession charge.

Court documents say a Casper police officer was dispatched to Marzano's home after Marzano called police and claimed a woman named "Britteny Montoya" had stolen his 2015 Kia Sportage.

Marzano described the vehicle to the responding officer, and said the woman may have driven it to the Loaf and Jug on Honeysuckle Street.

The officer drove in that direction and found the Kia, which was returning to Marzano's apartment complex. The officer followed the vehicle into the apartment parking lot and contacted the driver, who identified herself as Brittney Huitt.

Huitt reportedly said the vehicle was hers, as Marzano had purchased it for her. She said she didn't feel safe around Marzano, and alleged that he was trying to kidnap her and hold her against her will.

Huitt claimed that Marzano had agreed to let her drive the vehicle to Riverton if she first drove Marzano from Salt Lake City, Utah, to his Casper apartment. However, Huitt told the officer, Marzano had refused to let her leave.

Huitt went on to claim that Marzano had stolen her wallet in order to keep her from leaving, and claimed Marzano was a drug user.

The officer then spoke with Marzano, who said he had met Huitt on Facebook about six months prior. Marzano claimed Huitt suffered an undisclosed medical condition due to having been beaten nearly to death by her ex-husband in California, and Marzano believed Huitt was making the allegations against him due to that medical condition.

Marzano said he had purchased the Kia in Salt Lake City and let Huitt drive it back to Casper, but he denied ever making any agreement about Huitt owning the vehicle.

They stopped at the Loaf and Jug before arriving at the apartment, Marzano said, and Huitt had started "chastising" him and accusing him of trying to kidnap her.

Marzano told police he had no problem with Huitt leaving, but wanted to keep the car. He denied stealing her wallet, and said he didn't know where it was.

Marzano reportedly gave the officer permission to search his apartment for the missing wallet. Marzano denied using drugs, as Huitt claimed.

A search of Marzano's bedroom reportedly turned up a sock which contained two syringes. One of those syringes allegedly contained suspected heroin.

Marzano said he didn't know what the substance was, and told the officer that he used the syringes for fishing.

The officer allegedly found four more syringes inside Marzano's bedroom, which Marzano also said were for fishing.

Marzano then allowed the officer to search the Kia, where the officer allegedly found jeweler's baggies containing methamphetamine, which had been inside a pink bag on the passenger side.

That bag also allegedly contained a glass pipe with white residue and a syringe.

One of Huitt's bags allegedly contained a clear plastic container, with a white powdery substance -- suspected methamphetamine -- inside.

As the officer went to search a large green suitcase-type bag, Huitt withdrew her consent for the search. Huitt allegedly claimed that Marzano had put the drugs and paraphernalia inside her bag and inside the car in order to "get her into trouble." She denied ever seeing the pink bag prior to the incident.

The suspected meth tested presumptively positive as such, and both Marzano and Huitt were arrested.


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