The Natrona County Commission approved the preliminary plat of the proposed Salt Creek Industrial Park south of Bar Nunn at its regular bimonthly meeting Tuesday.

However, some aspects of the proposed 42-acre light industrial park had been changed since its approval by the county's Planning and Zoning Commission last month.

County Development Director Jason Gutierrez said then the preliminary plat presented by developer Keith Tyler met the requirements of the county’s development plan and zoning resolution, water and sewer infrastructure, topographical concerns such as the construction of an underground storm sewer system to handle runoff, emergency services and transportation, and consistency with surrounding development.

But a few things are different.

Instead of nine lots, Gutierrez said Tuesday that the proposed subdivision would consist of eight lots ranging in size from 4 acres to 7 acres, with access from Salt Creek Highway on the east, according to the county’s development department.

The access was altered, too. The new preliminary plat showed the access road to the park will be at a right angle to Salt Creek Highway, which should improve traffic flow, Gutierrez told commissioners.

The new preliminary plat also has a half-acre at the intersection that will serve as a drainage area for storm runoff, he said.

However, Commission Chairman Forrest Chadwick wondered if that triangular half-acre plot would remain county land, and therefore off the tax rolls. That detail, Chadwick said, should be resolved by the time the final plat is presented to the county's Planning and Zoning Commission and, if approved, submitted to the county commission.

During the public hearing, citizen Paul Paad asked if there was more than one way to the industrial park. If that main access road was blocked, Paad asked how emergency responders could get businesses that may be storing hazardous materials.

Chadwick said Andy Road on the western edge of the industrial park would provide access in case the main entrance was blocked.

With the approval of the preliminary plat, Tyler will later return to the Planning and Zoning Commission with the proposal for the final plat.