With the 2012 general election under two weeks away, the Natrona County Clerk’s Office is preparing itself for strong area voter turnout. Over 28,000 residents have registered to vote in Natrona County alone.

Natrona County clerk Renea Vitto says voters can easily find their polling place by either visiting the clerk’s website or by contacting the clerk’s office directly.

Anyone who is not sure to vote, please contact our office,” Vitto said. “We have a website that you can get on, we have a polling place locator on that website that will tell them exactly where to go to vote, and it’ll even show them a sample ballot.”

Those who wish to vote but haven’t registered can register and vote using an absentee ballot at the clerk’s office from now until Nov. 5. Unregistered voters can register and vote on Election Day as well, but they must visit their proper polling place to do so.

A sample ballot can be found by clicking here. A sample ballot can also be obtained by visiting the clerk's office.

You can contact the clerk's office directly by calling (307) 235-9206.