So you didn't see the bent stop sign because the street light was out, drove through the intersection and busted the suspension of your pickup after it cratered in a pothole.

Instead of cursing the darkness, you can light your smart phone and do something about it.

You can report the pothole, street light and damaged street sign to the city's streets division on the new "Casper 311" on a mobile app called MyCivic311.

Besides reporting it, the new program will track the progress of the repairs so when you're driving on that street later you will be able to see the repaired stop sign and drive on smooth pavement.

“This is an online and mobile app for citizens to submit reports of potholes, streetlight outages, and damaged street signs,” Streets and Traffic Manager Shad Rodgers said in a prepared statement.

“It is another tool for citizens to use to request services from us," Rogers said.

For many years, we have responded to phone calls, emails, and website reports," he said. "Citizens can still use these methods to contact us.”

Streets crews are typically able to respond to reports and requests for services in 72 hours.

New features on Casper 311 include:

  • Uploading pictures of an issue with the initial report.
  • Allowing users to track the progress of their requests.
  • Notifying users when the request is created and work completed.
  • Showing all open request with a mapping interface.

Casper 311 is available for both Android and Apple devices by downloading the MyCivic311 app and selecting the City of Casper.

It is also accessible on the City of Casper’s website.

Reporting streets, street lights and signs is just the beginning.

The city will offer other report and service requests for other services through Casper 311  in the coming months.

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