For some people, the holidays are a hard time of the year. While others are celebrating, they are mourning. While many people are singing songs of good cheer and walking through Winter Wonderlands, others are thinking about how much they miss their husbands, or their wives, or their children.

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For these people, there is the Tree of Love event, hosted by Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions.

On Sunday, December 4, Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions is holding its Annual 'Tree of Love' celebration to honor those who have passed.

"For many, the holidays symbolize a poignant time for celebration, love, and connections with family," CWHT wrote in a press release. "For those of us who have lost a loved one, it can also bring a time of remembrance. Our annual 'Tree of Love' event is an opportunity to remember those special people in our lives."

Participants can request a tree ornament that they will be able to write a message on or decorate it how they like. They can then place their ornament on the titular 'Tree of Love.'

"'Tree of Love' is both a remembrance of special people in our lives and an important source of much needed funds for our comprehensive patient care programs," the press release stated. "Your gift carries with it a message of caring for others in the community while perpetuating the memory of someone special."

Individuals who want an ornament to decorate can request them at the Hospice Administration offices, or by calling 307-577-4832.

"Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions celebrates life every day and believes that each day we can create one more memorable moment," the release stated.

And that's exactly what CWHT is doing. They're giving the community members not only a chance to honor their loved ones; they're giving them an opportunity to meet with other people who have lost someone special. There's an unfortunate bond between people who have lost someone, and this 'Tree of Love' event gives participants a chance to grieve, to remember, to honor, together.

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