The 10th anniversary of 9/11. In order to not conflict with churches who have plans to observe the day with prayers and in other appropriate ways, is the reason this event is being held on the 10th.

Keynote address will be delivered by Guy Cameron, Director of the Wyoming office of Homeland Security. Senator Mike Enzi will be on hand and speak. During the ceremony, Casper Chief of Police Chris Walsh will present a Distinguished Service award to Officer Dan Dundas for his part in rescuing a female from the frigid, high waters of the North Platte River on May 24th, 2011. Firefighter Craig Kidder also participated in this rescue. Casper Fire Chief Mark Young will join him in honoring the fallen. Displays will also be in the park showcasing the services of the Emergency Responders in the county. Stan Lowe joined us this morning to talk about  Patriots Day, the events and more.

The Patriots Day gathering will be held at City Park starting at 11 AM. We are also reminded that flags are to flown at half-staff on Sunday 9/11.

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