Casper Representative Gerald Gay is suing the Governor, Attorney General, and several of his colleagues. Also named as a plaintiff is Uinta County Republican Chairman Karl Allred.
The lawsuit, which was filed today in District Court in Cheyenne, alleges that the process for bidding on the work on the Capitol Square project was not according to state regulations, and violates the state constitution concerning the procurement of services for the state.
And those violations include the hiring of vendors for the project who were alleged to be contributors to Governor Mead’s election campaigns.

The suit, filed in Laramie County District Court on Thursday, says contracts were awarded without issuing a required Request For Proposals [RFP] for contractors interested in doing work as part of the renovation project.

The suit doesn't ask for any damages, or even attorney fees. It also doesn't seek to invalidate any contracts awarded for the renovation project, but only for a court ruling that proper procedures be followed in awarding bids for future state projects.
Named in the suit are members of the so-called Capitol Square Oversight Group, President of the Senate, Philip Nicholas, House Speaker Kermit Brown, Senator Majority Floor Leader Eli Bebout, Senate Minority Floor Leader Chris Rothfuss, House Majority Floor Leader Rosie Berger, House Minority Floor Leader Mary Throne, Senate President selected member Senator Tony Ross, House Speaker selected member Representative Tim Stubson, along with Attorney General Peter Michael.
The attorney for the plaintiffs is Drake Hill, husband of former education chief Cindy Hill. A press conference on the suit is underway and more information will be available shortly.

Read the entire lawsuit HERE...

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