Prepare for some rust-colored water as maintenance crews start the annual five-week fire hydrant flushing in Casper, Bar Nunn and the Casper-Natrona County International Airport, according to a news release.

The city's public services department, in conjunction with the Central Wyoming Regional Water System Joint Powers Board, will flush the hydrants beginning Tuesday.

Since 1992, the system-wide flushing has been an annual preventive maintenance practice to remove sediments from water mains and to maintain water quality .

People will see water in the streets when crews attach hoses to the hydrants and turn on the hydrants, Public Services Director Andrew Beamer said.

“They may also experience decreased water pressure and water discoloration from naturally occurring minerals and sediment that have settled within the water mains," Beamer said.

They also may see sediments in the water from their faucets at home, he said.

People should turn on their faucets for 15 to 20 minutes to see if their water will run clear, Beamer said.

If customers' water doesn't clear within 20 minutes, they should contact Casper Public Utilities at 235-8213 or 235-8360 during working hours, and at 235-8233 during non-working hours, he said.

The flushing program will occur in Fort Casper, Indian Springs, the airport, Bar Nunn, south Casper and east Casper.