If you don't need them, don't use them or you may face a hefty fine. The Casper Police Department says it's been receiving complaints from the community about non-handicapped people parking in handicap parking spaces. CPD says their officers, along with their Community Service Officers will be enforcing parking regulations in both public and private handicap spots.

“There are several locations throughout the city, including many local businesses, where handicapped parking is being infringed upon," says CPD Traffic Sergeant Jeffrey Bullard. "Municipal code 10.36.020 is enforceable on ALL roadways within the state of Wyoming, including roadways or parking lots open and dedicated to public use for vehicular traffic”.

According to the City Of Casper parking regulations, parking in a handicapped parking space without proper identification, a misdemeanor, can result in a $100.00 fine. Some signs in private lots state the fine at $750.00, the maximum fine for a misdemeanor. If you need to apply for a handicap parking placard, you can do so through the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

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