The Casper Police Department is asking for the community's help to stem the rash auto burglaries that have occurred so far this year, according to a prepared statement.

Officers have responded to more than 60 reports of auto burglaries, plus reports of 20 stolen firearms, with 11 from a vehicle.

Likewise officers have responded to incidents involving juveniles in possession of firearms, many of which were reported stolen. They confronted these juveniles after being called to incidents where they were suspected of being involved in other criminal activity.

The police department cited two examples involving four separate crimes.

Wednesday, a vehicle was stolen from a resident in west Casper.

On Friday, officers responded to a report in west Casper of an auto burglary. A pistol, and loaded and unloaded magazines were stolen from the vehicle.

Early Monday, officers responded to the area of North Center and G streets for a report of shots fired, and found a group of juveniles in the area. No one was injured during the incident.

The juveniles were with the vehicle stolen on Wednesday, and one had the pistol stolen in  the burglary on Friday. Officers also found a pistol holder, ski masks, headlamps, and partially consumed bottles of liquor in the vehicle.

Two juveniles were arrested on multiple recommended charges.

In a separate incident on Saturday, a juvenile entered an unsecured vehicle in a residential driveway, couldn't find the keys so they entered the home to get the keys, drove the vehicle and totaled it.

The driver survived and no one else was injured. The driver was cited, pending treatment at the Wyoming Medical Center.

Police cannot release further details about these incidents, due to the involvement of juveniles. The Natrona County District Attorney’s Office determines whether to charge individuals as juveniles as adults.

The Casper Police Department said these examples highlight an urgent public safety threat, specifically because of unlocked and unsecured firearms, vehicles and homes, as well as the increased juvenile involvement.

Adults commit similar crimes, but the startling rise in juvenile involvement requires a response from the community.

The Casper Police Department says unsecured and unattended firearms in vehicles or homes are at a high risk of being stolen. Officers are discovering stolen firearms during their work.

Gun owners have the responsibility to secure their firearms at all times.

If they don't, they may end up with individuals looking to commit further crimes.

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