Two people were arrested at a Casper motel Friday morning after allegedly trying to sell methamphetamine to a motel employee.

John Pete Larralde, 53, and Sheila Dawn Reardon, 46, were each booked into jail on recommended charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession, felony meth possession and possession of meth with intent to deliver. They'll likely make their initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court on Monday.

Charging papers say police were called to the motel at about 10:30 a.m. Friday. Upon arrival, the general manager told officers Reardon and a man later identified as Larralde were staying in one of the rooms.

Reardon, the manager said, appeared to be "on something," and had approached a housekeeper in an attempt to sell "dope."

Officers went to the room to speak with Reardon. When she opened the door, an officer recognized her from previous police involvements.

As police explained the reason for the contact to Reardon, she allegedly turned around and walked to a desk just inside the doorway. There, she allegedly picked up a small see-through vial and tried to hide it in her hand.

Police asked her what she had grabbed. Reardon reportedly didn't respond and stuffed the vial into a pile of sheets on the desk chair. She picked up the sheets, and the vial fell onto the floor by the desk.

The officer allegedly saw meth in the vial, so Reardon and Larralde -- who had been seated on the bed -- were both arrested.

Reardon was allegedly unable to stand still, making rapid, jerky movements and constantly grinding her teeth and jaw.

Officers saw several marijuana pipes in the room on the desk and television stand, according to court documents.

Reardon allegedly denied trying to sell any drugs. She told police there was about a quarter-gram of meth and some marijuana inside the vial.

Reardon also allegedly said she "did a line this morning" when asked about the last time she used meth. When asked about the pipes, Reardon allegedly said "everything" belonged to her, but then said only the pipes and contents of the vial belonged to her.

When asked about her arrest history, Reardon allegedly said she had been arrested on two previous drug charges and had been placed on probation on each occasion.

Officers got a search warrant for the motel room and allegedly found a number of drugs and paraphernalia. The vial reportedly contained just over half a gram of meth and two small baggies of marijuana, weighing 1.75 grams including packaging. The vial also contained $10 cash.

On the desk, police allegedly found miscellaneous packaging material, a glass marijuana pipe with loose marijuana, miscellaneous paraphernalia, a prescription pill container with two Xanax tablets inside, and three cell phones.

Police also reportedly found a backpack containing three bags and one paper bindle of methamphetamine, which weighed roughly 16 grams. The backpack also, according to court documents, contained a digital scale with meth residue, two used syringes with residue and $332 cash in a wallet with John Larralde's birth certificate.

"Numerous papers and effects which were addressed to John Larralde" were also found in the backpack, police say.

In a bedside dresser, police allegedly found a loaded syringe containing .27 grams of liquid meth along with a paper bindle of meth which weighed .131 grams with packaging.

A purse in the room reportedly contained miscellaneous packaging materials, a used syringe with residue and two metal spoons with residue.

The motel employee to whom Reardon had allegedly tried to sell meth told police she had known Reardon for a long time, as Reardon used to use meth with the employee's grandmother. Reardon approached her and requested her grandfather's phone number that day.

Reardon then reportedly asked the employee if she knew anyone looking for "dope," because Reardon had "a lot." Reardon allegedly said she needed to get $300 to buy more meth when "the shipment arrived."

The employee said she didn't know of anyone, and didn't use meth herself. She then contacted her general manager, who called police.

Reardon, in a police interview, denied trying to sell drugs. She said she didn't know anything about the meth found in the room, except for the small amount in the vial. As for the Xanax pills, Reardon allegedly said she didn't have a prescription and "got them from a friend for pain."

A database search showed Reardon had previously been arrested for drug possession on four occasions, dating back to 1996 and as recently as April.

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