Police nearly had to use a taser on a man who allegedly ran from officers Monday afternoon because he knew the registration on his van had expired.

Nathan A. Ash, 34, was booked into jail on charges of eluding law enforcement, driving with a suspended license, no insurance and improper registration.

According to a police affidavit, an officer was on routine patrol on 12th Street before 4 p.m. Monday when he saw a green van with a cracked windshield. The officer activated his emergency lights and made a u-turn to follow the van eastbound.

As soon as the officer turned on his lights, the van allegedly accelerated rapidly and turned onto South Forest. The officer followed, but lost sight of the vehicle.

After some time, the officer found the vehicle in a driveway on South Forest. As he pulled up behind the van, the driver got out and ran into a large bush. The officer got out of his patrol car and gave chase.

The officer could clearly see the driver didn't have anything in his hands. He drew his taser, moved around to the front of the bushes and ordered the driver to come out.

The driver -- Ash -- reportedly saw the officer with his taser drawn and said "Okay, okay, I'm coming out." The officer ordered Ash to lay down with his stomach on the ground, holstered his taser and handcuffed Ash.

Ash reportedly gave his name and said he didn't have a driver's license, but did have one previously. He allegedly said he took off because he knew the tags on his van were expired.

He did not know who owned the driveway where he parked the van.

Court documents show Ash has a history of traffic violations including possession of alcohol in an open container, improper seat belt use, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while suspended and DUI dating back to 2009.

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