The Casper Events Center has undergone both a physical and digital face lift, recently.  As new seats are being installed in the auditorium in addition to a website re-branding.

The new website, boasts an updated design and mobile website, a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section, photo gallery, and easier to navigate pages. Events Center officials say that patrons can register for the Events Center’s “Cyber Club” email newsletter, order tickets, and learn more about upcoming events and the facility.

Anna Rosburg, Casper Events Center Marketing Director, says that both her and her predecessor in the position have been working on the website re-branding for some time.

"We're definitely excited about it," says Rosburg.  "It's a lot more user-friendly.  So it's great for our guests online, and it's also nice for promoters to have easy access to a website that is convenient, visually appealing and easy to use."

The re-branding also boasts a mobile website component. The Casper Events Center will now offer mobile ticket delivery on your smartphone, for people unable to print tickets. Tickets will be emailed to the user, upon completion of the ticket sale, and are optimized for display on your mobile device.  The ticket can then be scanned by Events Center employees, right on the phone.

"You can have them sent right to your smart phone," says Rosburg.  "We're kind of on the curve as far as mobile ticketing goes.  Not a lot of buildings have it, so we're excited to roll that out pretty early in the game."

After tickets are purchased, visitors to the Casper Events Center will also notice new seating in the venue.  Operations are currently under way to tear out the original 32 year old seats, and replacing them with brand new seats.

"We're replacing every fixed seat in the building, and that's close to 8,000 seats," says Bud Dovala, Casper Events Center building manager.  "The old seats were 32 years old.  They were okay, but the foam was breaking down and they needed to be replaced."

The installation of the new seats comes at a cost of approximately $1.2 million, paid for by capital improvement funds.

The new seats are finished with padded cushions and backs in a high-wear and stain resistant navy blue material, and will also boast a new feature, Dovala says.  "We do have cup holders on these new seats, which we didn't have previously.  I hope that pleases the public.  I think it'll be a nice touch."

Dovala says that the installation of the new seats will be complete in a couple of weeks.

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