By the end of this month, the boys of summer will be back in Casper to play ball, but they need a place to stay.

The Casper Cutthroats baseball team is looking for families to take in a player or two during the season.

Families are asked to provide room, board and laundry facilities when the team is not on the road.

April McCreight, a co-owner of the team, says serving as a host family is also a cultural learning experience for the players.

She bases that off of last year's experience, and adds that most of the players have not been to this part of the country.

"Getting to know the people here in town and the value system we that have in wyoming, was really great for them. they came away with  i guess a better understanding of how different people can be, even though we live in the same country."

Players are expected to arrive in Casper around the Memorial Day weekend.

To inquire about becoming a host family, you can call 277-9159.

Host families get tickets to all Cutthroat home games.

The home opener is scheduled for May 31st.