It's almost time to play ball in Casper, even though it's a little earlier in the year, than what the city has been used to.

Monday, June 4th is the home opener for the Casper Cutthroats...the new team from the Mountain Collegiate Baseball League.

The team is made up of college players from across the country, but they'll have to adjust to using wood bats instead of aluminum.

Jason Watson is the manager of the team and he says there is one big difference between the Cutthroats and the last team that played in Casper.

"We're going to have all of these players for the whole year, where with the Ghosts, if one guy did good, he got bumped up, so that's one thing that we won't have to worry about. everybody is going to be staying around for the whole summer."

General Manager Aaron McCreight was one of several people who helped get a new team into Casper.

He says when the last team left, he still saw the desire that many fans had, to want to see a team.

"When the other team decided to leave and go to Colorado...that stung...that left a mark on some people here and some friends and families..they're baseball people that poured their heart and soul into that team and felt like they got it ripped out."

First pitch for the Cutthroats' home opener is at 6 pm Monday June 4th at Mike Lansing Field.