The Casper City Council unanimously passed an amended resolution Tuesday allowing residents to apply for critical parking permits around their residence.

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The permit, which is $25 a year, allows people to apply for up to three vehicles, if their residence is either near a school or near a house which has four or more vehicles and/or RVs.

This was the third reading of the proposal, with council member Lisa Engebretsen proposing an amendment which added a permit for residences living near houses with several vehicles.

The City Attorney John Henley said the reason for the amendment was because of complaints the city had received through code enforcement and the police, with reports of one person parking 11 vehicles on their street, seven on one side and four on the other.

Council member Bruce Knell said he was worried that allowing up to four vehicles on a street would make things too crowded.

Other council members, like Ray Pacheco and Amber Pollock, said that four was the right amount to help alleviate traffic issues.

Knell later rescinded his reservations on the amendment after hearing about how it would be implemented.

Henly said the council members were mistaken, and meant to say three vehicles instead of four.

Council member Kyle Gamroth said he was worried there might be some issue that could arise later given more time to think on the amendment, however Gamroth ultimately decided to vote for the amendment and resolution.

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