Stating that the Natrona County School Bond issue will be good for business and for students, the Board of Directors of the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce announced it is endorsing the bond measure on the ballot May 6.

The Board members praised the planned Pathways academies that the bond will support with professional-level equipment, saying, “We believe that better future employees will come out of the school system from the planned Pathways academy learning.” They cited the potential for future graduates to have certifications in areas ranging from nursing and web design to welding and GIS (geographic information systems)

And they applauded the boost to the local economy from school building projects where “approximately 80 percent of spending goes to Wyoming workers … boosting employment and the resulting spending on other businesses in the Casper area.”

The bond would raise $33 million in 12 years to pay for safety upgrades at 31 Natrona County schools, professional technology for the high school academy programs, a new Science and Technology Center and repair and replacement of deteriorating swimming pools at Natrona County, Kelly Walsh and Midwest high schools. Those are expenses that the state will not pay for when it funds school district construction.