The Casper Bobcats junior hockey team absorbed 3 losses over the weekend to Utah at the Ice Arena to drop to 16-34 in Western States League play. On Friday, the Cats lost to Utah 5-0 and managed just 11 shots on goal while Utah had 52 shots on goal. It got a whole lot worse for the Bobcats on Saturday night as they were embarrassed by Utah 10-1. The Outliers had whopping 73 shots on goal with Casper getting a just 14 shots to net with one goal thanks to Alex Roth. Sunday's game was more competitive but the Cats lost again 6-1 with Roth scoring the only Casper goal. The Bobcats have 3 games remaining in the regular season and will be at Utah on March 22-23-24.

Casper Bobcat Hockey
Frank Gambino
Townsquare Media

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