The summer is before you. Its time to walk the dog.

I struck out to ask pet owners for their five favorite places in Casper to take their dog.  Listen here to the series of interviews that led to my list of the top five dog friendly places in Casper. Check out the list after the jump!

Listen Here:

#5 - Dog Food Shopping


Most people don't realize there are dog friendly merchants in town.

Both Murdoch's and Petco allow you to bring your best friend along as you shop for food and other doggie treats.

Pet food shopping was #5 only because I tucked in as an FYI.

The interviews include a comment from Murdoch's manager who says its a good time.

#4 - Casper Parks


A couple of local parks got mentioned as places to bring a dog, but they were only mentioned with lukewarm enthusiasm.

So local parks get a lukewarm #4

#3 - Casper Mountain


Various spots on Casper Mountain were mentioned.  Because it's not really in Casper, I put into third place. Coming up with Five Favorites within the Casper city limits was really tough.

Listen to the closing comment in the audio interviews , it really kind of sums it up.

By the way, did you know that the Mountain has a Facebook page?

#2 - North Casper frisbee Park


The second most mentioned place to bring a dog was across the river from the North Casper Soccer Complex.  The open area north of the river has a frisbee golf course and it would make a great candidate for a second dog park.

It ranks as #2 favorite place to take a dog in town.

#1 - Morad Park


Morad Park offers 38 acres of off leash freedom for your dog. Its a great place for a dog to learn how to be a dog.

Most people I asked had trouble to come up with five choices. It was Morad all the way. Donated to the city of Casper by Doctor Morad, I believe, it can only be used for that.  Morad is a great place with river,  squirrels, tons of fetching opportunity and  other dogs to play with if your dog is looking for a play mate.