Do you know how to react in an encounter with a Bear, Lion  or Wolf? Knowing what to do could save your life. Brush up on safety tips from wildlife experts Thursday evening at the Nordic Ski Lodge on Casper Mountain.

"The workshop is called staying safe in Bear, Lion or Wolf country and what this workshop is designed to do is really to help educate folks. It's designed for people who either live in their habitat or recreate in it."

Robin Kepple, for the Casper Game and Fish Field Office, says the Bear Wise Community Coordinator from Cody will be in town to help teach this workshop.

Part of the workshop includes how to handle a can of bear pepper spray.

Kepple says a good can of bear spray can run upwards of thirty dollars making it too expensive to practice with, yet knowing how it feels to use it before a situation arises is vital.

"It's is good to know how to do it and how to aim it. Even just to remove the safety feature from the can is something that a person should have some experience and knowledge of ."

The public is encouraged to attend the free Bear, Lion, and Wolf Wise Community workshop Thursday, 7-9 p.m. at Casper Mountain Trails Center Ski Lodge, 9301 Casper Mountain Road.

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