Senator John Barrasso recently spoke on the Senate floor about President Biden's trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Speaking to reporters after the Senate meeting, Barrasso said the Biden Administration has failed the American people so far in their time in the White House. He said President Biden has not given the American people what they want.

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"They want to be safe in their communities," Barrasso said. "They want secure borders. They want higher wages and lower costs. And with this administration, it's been just the opposite."

Barrasso then stated that 'Dems are in disarray' when it comes to 12 key points.

"There's been crisis after crisis after crisis," he continued. "Many people really started to focus and pay attention to this after Afghanistan. The president paid all of his attention to the calendar on the wall, not the conditions on the ground. He left Americans behind. He  left our friends, who have helped us over the last 20 years behind, and his actions resulted in the death of 13 brave American soldiers, including one of those marines, Rylee McCollum from Wyoming."

Barrasso said that's what the American people are seeing when they turn on the news. Barrasso also mentioned the purported 'crisis' at the border.

"People want secure borders," he pontificated. "What did President Biden do? He reversed policies that worked. As a result, we've had over 1 million immigrants come over to this country in just the last 9 months."

Shifting topics, Barrasso said that Americans want to feel safe at home as well.

"People want to feel safe in their communities," he said. "They're not. Pat Toomey is here from Pennsylvania. He and I were talking yesterday. Homicide numbers in Philadelphia - 400 already this year. People are seeing that in cities all across the country."

It was unclear if Senator Barrasso was blaming the Biden Administration for those homicides.

Barrasso shifted gears again, and began to talk about the economy.

"People want to feel like they actually get value from the money they spent," he stated. "But they're feeling the pain every day when they go to the grocery store or go to the gas station. The bite taken out of their paycheck because of the inflation brought on by the reckless spending of this administration."

Barrasso then offered his final critique (of the day) to the Biden Administration.

"On item after item after item we've seen incompetence, if not dangerous behavior by this administration," Barrasso said. "People do not want what they're getting from this administration. They want to be safe in their communities, they want secure borders, they want higher incomes, lower costs, and on all of those things, they're getting the exact opposite from the Biden administration."

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