A Casper man is accused of telling his three children to act like they were injured, in order for them to get prescription medication from a doctor.

Fifty-three year old Anthony Silveira is facing 18 charges, including possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

Special Agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation say in December 2015, they received information from Silveira's wife regarding a court order for protection and pharmacy documents indicating prescriptions that had been filled in her children's names that she was unaware of.

Agents learned that from February through November of 2015, Silveira would excuse his children from school at different times to take them to Insta Care for doctor's appointments that they didn't know about.

The children were told to act like they were injured, and were prescribed medications, but the children say they never received any of the prescriptions, and had seen empty pill bottles in Silveira's truck with the labels ripped off.

After examining pharmacy reports, agents learned that the prescriptions had been filled and refills were made sooner than scheduled (one was four days after it was filled), and that the total number of prescribed pills including refills, exceeded the number that was prescribed.

When interviewed, Silveira said he took the children to Insta Care because they were injured, and getting them into Insta Care was easier.

He added that he kept the prescriptions in his truck, because his wife didn't like them in the home and he gave them to his children when they needed them.

When asked why some refills happened sooner than what was scheduled, he said he did not know why and requested an attorney.

He is awaiting trial on $20,000 bond.