Temperatures will be quite warm and comfortable today, ahead of an incoming low pressure system and cold front.  Along with warmer temperatures, winds will increase across the entire state, turning strong and gusty.  As the cold front pushes into the cowboy state from the west-northwest, clouds thicken and showers and thunderstorms will develop.  There will be a high concern for heavy rain and potential flooding/slides in the western, northern and southern mountainous regions.

There is a good chance for some stronger thunderstorm activity (with high gusts, heavy downpours and hail) across the northwest part of the state and west-central mountain region.  This type of rain could initiate and worsen some flooding and slides in the area.  Travelers should use caution across western Wyoming when driving through canyons in heavy rain.

Rain and scattered snow will be possible tonight, as colder air moves in behind the front, mostly across the northwest and northern mountains.  Winds increase for Wednesday, with cooler temperatures in place.