Yellowstone National Park officials are putting the word out that there will safety inspections of commercial vehicles traveling in the park, and those inspections are conducted throughout the summer. Yellowstone Spokesman Al Nash says those inspections are to protect visitors.

Making sure commercial vehicles operated safely:

"That's a way for us to protect visitors, and it's a way for us to protect this special place that people come to visit. So we're rather vigilant. We tell folks that we're going to do this, and then at times during the summer we do conduct these inspections."

Law enforcement in Yellowstone is made up of federally commissioned rangers and the citations they issue are handled in federal court, says Nash.

U.S. Magistrate in Mammoth Hot Springs:

"This park was created before the states around it were created. We have what they call exclusive federal jurisdiction. What that means is we're the law enforcement, we're 911, we're the folks who fix the potholes, we're the people who run the water treatment plant. Anything that you can think of that's a service that's provided by a city or county government, we provide in Yellowstone."