Yellowstone National Park is asking for comments and questions and ideas about how it deals with weeds, invasive plants. Park ecosystem makes invasive plants an important issue:

"A lot of what we need to analyze and what we need to hear from the public about is how we might go about controlling these unwelcome and uninvited plants, and being respectful of the soils, the existing vegetation, the wildlife, and the visitors."

Yellowstone Spokesman Al Nash says they are routinely addressing invasive plants in areas throughout the park, but the scoping process is the first clean-slate, big-picture look at the issue.

Scoping process about weed mitigation:

"We have a desire in this case to come up with a plan to address invasive plants like spotted napweed. This is the time where we go to you, the members of the public, and say: what you think; what have you seen that's important; what he you know that has worked for you; what do you think we should consider as we work on developing that plan?"

Mr. Nash likened to the challenge to controlling weeds with a home garden or lawn, but the area is the 2.2 million acres of Yellowstone, so the more ideas the better.

Where to submit ideas:

"We actually take letters, Box 168, Yellowstone 82190 or you know if you like to go on the Web you can go to and you'll find a link on there that you can electronically submit some suggestions and comments."

The deadline for submitting comments is 12-midnight April 30th.