Chancey Williams is known for his amazing live concerts where he and his band are always full of BIG energy, and you know you'll hear fabulous music and a unique sound that's 120% Wyoming.

Those of you that are true fans of Chancey, know that he and his family have a ranch near Moorecroft Wyoming.

His experiences growing up living a true Western life can be found throughout the lyrics to his songs, and he's more than happy to let his fans see what life is like when he's back home and not touring.

This winter, we shared with you a hilarious video he made about his love for the Wyoming wind, and now he's also let us have a look at why he enjoys Spring fencing in Wyoming so much.

@chanceyw Spring time fencing!! #wyoming #wyomingsnow #ranchlife #countrymusic #cinch #chanceywilliamsybb #windy ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

There is SO much that I related to in this video...

For example, when he says "It was 70 yesterday."

It happens to me every time...the weather is gorgeous and yet I decided to tackle whatever outdoor task I have to do the next day.

And inevitably the weather is terrible.

And how about the container for the gear they need to fix the fence?!

Are you even a real rancher if you don't store your bits and pieces in an old bucket or coffee can?

If you'd like to see where you can catch Chancey Williams on tour, follow this link.

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