Last week we told you about Thayne, Wyoming hunter and outfitter Tim Trefern and his being picked for the History Channel's reality shooting show Top Shot.  You can see that story HERE.

This week, after watching last night's show, we wanted to check in with Tim and hear about the experience. He joined us this morning.

This is a team competion that becomes an individual competion thru elimination. When asked about putting the teams together Tim remarked,

When you take 16 type A personalities and throw them in a house together, there are two ways it can go...really good or really bad.


When asked about the female shooters and their involvement in the show Tim said,


The only reason that the 2 female shooters are there is that they can flat out shoot, they deserve to be there.


We wish Tim and the Red Team the best of luck and will keep an eye on his progress thru this 12 week show and see who comes out on top with the $100,000 prize and the bragging rights of being the Top Shot.

See last nights show HERE.