You know what they say, it's about the journey not the destination.

We just talked about road trips yesterday and gave you the top road trip destination states across this gorgeous country. (Sadly Wyoming wasn't even in the top 15 on that list.) And while those states will create some lasting memories for you and your friends or family, think about those long stretches of road in the US that are just beautiful drives. You don't have to be worried about where you are going, because the road itself, the journey, is what you are looking for.

I found a list of the top 10 road trips in which the drive is the destination.

This was put together by a website called These stretches are hundreds of miles of road that are pull-over worthy and are easily more awe-inspiring than where they lead. Many you would have to fly in and rent a car to enjoy.

Let's take a look shall we?

Jackson, Wyoming to Glacier National Park, Montana

Wildlife and mountains surround this 600-mile drive, which goes through five national parks.

Eureka, California to Coos Bay, Oregon

250 miles of driving along the west coast of the country. Think the famous Highway 1 in California, but without traffic.

Southern Colorado Loop

It's a 500 miles tour that will take across Class IV whitewater, 14,000-foot vistas and breathtaking views.

Grand Canyon, Arizona to Moab, Utah

For those who love national parks, you'll hit six of them on this 862-miles stretch through several canyons.

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Drive 500 miles through the Last Frontier in the stunning Chugach State Park and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Olympic Peninsula loop, Washington

73 miles of this 550-mile trek is Pacific coastline. You'll even find yourself in a temperate rainforest.

The Big Island loop, Hawaii

Did you know there is such thing as a snow-covered volcano? You'll drive up one here on this 300-mile tour.

Las Cruces, New Mexico through West Texas

This one will take you 10 days as you travel across 950 miles.

Duluth, Minnesota to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Filled with Lake Superior views, this 550-mile drive includes opportunities for premier hiking and biking.

New Orleans, Louisiana to Apalachicola, Florida

Why not taste your way through this 425-mile trek. Think of all of the fresh seafood you will have along the way.

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